In the following button you can see the list of the papers presented in the Congress. The authors will be notified about the type of presentation of the abstract from October 15.


The types of presentation of your work could be: POSTER, FLASH TALK and ORAL PRESENTATION.


  1. Width: 0.90 m x Height: 1 m
  2. For purposes of visual effect, we recommend that the letters and images, graphics and tables, have the appropriate size to be able to read it from approximately 2 m away.
  3. The orientation of the poster should be vertical.
Please, respect the measures indicated


  1. Title: Keep the title of the abstract approved. It must be written in SPANISH (and ENGLISH) or ENGLISH.
  2. Authors Institution and e-mail of the exhibitor.
  3. The posters presented in Spanish should have an ABSTRACT in English with a maximum of 100 words (objectives, results and conclusion).
  4. The following sections are suggested: Introduction and Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusions, Bibliography.